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The Oldest Method of Producing Sparkling Wine Is Now One of the Trendiest

With the holidays on the horizon we've been exploring some unique wines to celebrate just about everything. Today we present pétillant-naturel wines, or pét-nats as they are known in the wine trade.

Pét-nat is a method of producing sparkling wine where the wine is bottled when it's only partially fermented. The first and only fermentation occurs in the bottle, resulting in trapped carbon dioxide becoming absorbed into the wine after a few months of rest. This is actually the oldest method of producing sparkling wine, hence it's other moniker Méthode Ancestrale.

Ironic that the oldest method of producing sparkling wine is now one of the trendiest.

The first time you see a pét-nat on the sparkling shelves of a retailer you might be surprised because it has a beer crown cap rather than a caged and then disgorged mushroom-shaped cork. That's your first surprise (and also a clue as to what's inside).

The second surprise is that the wine is usually only moderately fizzy and possibly also cloudy as the wine wasn't likely to be fined or filtered. Pét-nats are the darling of the natural wine world, which is a fascinating and growing market we'll be moving into as the months progress.

It takes a lot of skill to make a pét-nat because many parameters aren't as controlled, as they are in making Champagne. That's precisely where the fun comes in -- there is a signature freshness to pét-nats and they are rather low in alcohol so say hello to your best new brunch friend or your late night sipping buddy.

Bon Appetit magazine published an article, "Pet-Nat, Champagne's Cool Kid sister, Is the Bubbly You Want to Party With." We couldn't agree more!

Before we launch into our new pét-nat releases, we have a crucial tip for you. If you want to control the sediment in a hazy unfiltered wine, chill the bottle upright in an ice bucket for 30 minutes. The cold will force the sediment to the bottom of the bottle which will allow you to pour the wine as clearly as possible.

Puech Redon Pour De Vrai Pet-Nat 2017 (Languedoc-Roussillon, France)

Puech Redon Pour De Vrai Pet-Nat 2017

This particular cuvée was produced in tiny quantities. Pour de Vrai is a Pétillant Naturel imported by Louis Dressner made mostly from Cinsault with a bit of a native grape that is rarely seen these days, Aramon. This particular cuvée is a hands-on collaboration between Cyril of Puech Redon and legendary natural winemaker Éric Texier. This one might remind you a bit of kombucha or cider and that's perfectly alright with us. How nice for Autumn!

$21.99/bottle or $211.10/12 pack case ($17.59/bottle)


Domaine Sebastien Brunet Pet-Nat NV (Loire Valley, France)

Domaine Sebastien Brunet Pet-Nat NV

This sparkling wine is 80% Grolleau and 20% Gamay grown on 55 year old vines. It's a bright reddish pink color with plenty of red fruit flavors and loads of minerality. We could definitely see this wine on Thanksgiving day or watching a football game. If you're new to this category of wine then this is a great place to start your adventures.

$24.99/bottle or $239.90/12 pack case ($19.99/bottle)


Wimmer Czerny Pur Pét-Nat Rose 2018 (Osterreich, Austria)

Wimmer Czerny Pur Pét-Nat Rose 2018

This delightful sparkler is made from the red wine grapes St. Laurent, Zweigelt and Pinot Noir. It has lively mousseux and its bright pink color goes along with its berry fruits. Lightness and animated body and acidity allow for carefree enjoyment of this low alcohol wine. Excellent with oysters and seafood.

$28.99/bottle or $278.30/12 pack case ($23.19/bottle)


We suggest you sample these wines before purchasing them by the case, but if you're already a pét-nat fan then please

press reply to order your wines by the case.

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