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A Shocking Cabernet Value!

If we told you we have a SHOCKING Cabernet Sauvignon value on offer what would be the first thought that came to mind?

Hmmmm, we're pretty sure you're wondering about a few things right about now.

Did it earn 95 points?


Any celebrity sightings involved?


Hefty price tag?


Prestigious wine appellation?


So why is today's wine such a great value?!?

Today's wine is pretty much invisible. There's no press, no fuss, no mention about it in hushed tones. It also sells for less than $11/bottle after discount.

You heard right.

This is THE everyday drinking Cabernet you've been waiting for, and then some!

We were alerted to this wine by one of the most prestigious and highly respected wine buyers in the state. He's the Fine Wine Director and Assistant Vice President of one of the most remarkable fine wine portfolios in Massachusetts.

His email was simple and to the point. "Why aren't you selling this?!?"

It kind of felt like being called into the Principal's office. Why didn't we know about this wine? Should we be embarrassed? What in the world were we missing out on and how quickly could we get it? Those were the thoughts that ran through our heads.

Receiving an email from a wine buying legend like this is reminiscent of that old EF Hutton ad, "When EF Hutton talks, people listen."

Aside from dating ourselves just now with that reference, we were so intrigued we requested a sample immediately. Jeff, our new Manager at the store, and the two of us sat down on a Wednesday afternoon in mid-September as the sky became dark and brooding and rain started to pour out of the sky, creating an ethereal atmosphere.

Even though we were cautious (when are we not?!?), we still expected something wonderful given the recommendation that was issued from up high.

Drum roll please.

We were all thrilled with the wine! It's not attempting to be something it's not. It's a delicious bottle of California Cabernet that sells for a song. What could be better than that? Happy dance.

Dante Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 (California)

Dante Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

"This Cabernet can easily become your everyday drinking wine. Sourced primarily from Lodi, the wine carries a lot of depth and complexity that few wines at this price point show. The tannins are firm and make a great accompaniment to a variety of dishes." (Winemaker's Notes)

We don't know about you, but we go through a fairly heavy volume of wine at our house between company and evaluating so many bottles for the store. Having an extra case or two of straightforward delicious red wine going into autumn just makes good sense to us. This is definitely one to have on hand as the temperature dips and you start thinking about placing a firewood order.


$12.99/bottle or just $124.70/12 pack case ($10.39/bottle) -- that's 20% savings on a fantastic red wine at a very pleasing price point.

We hope you enjoy this off-the-radar shockingly good value in red wine. Please press reply to this email, call the store, or stop by and grab a case or two for yourself. Or three. Why not?

* Wine & Spirit Education Trust Certified *

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