The Wine Club Advantage: A Delectable, Everyday, Extreme Value-for-Money Red Has Arrived
Today's arrival is rather exciting. It's not your typical under $12 bottle of wine. That's probably because it used to sell for $20+ a bottle. And it shows.
Except for the rather mundane label. But let's forget about what's on the outside. As with people, looks can be quite deceiving. Inside the bottle is a playful, flirtatious, smooth, silky, delicious young wine. Straightforward and simple, but in a very, very good way. Today's wine is all about innocence.
Youthful, fresh, and ready for fun.
If it sounds to you Wine Club sleuths like we're talking about good quality Beaujolais from France, you are somewhat on the right trail. Only with a different grape variety and a different country! What they do share in common is a similar winemaking technique called carbonic maceration which softens the wine and allows the fruit to really shine.
Today's gem is from Greece. Outside of Italy, Greece has some of the most exciting indigenous grape varieties in the world, many of which are unknown to wine lovers in the United States.
Now is the time to drink Greek!
The dominant grape variety in today's beauty is Agiorgitiko (aka Aghiorghitiko or St. George) from Greece. Specifically, this grape is native to Nemea in the Peloponnese in Greece. Agiorgitiko is a deep-colored, full, and spicy red grape variety with lots of fruit and generally speaking low tannins.
Agiorgitiko Grape Cluster
Agiorgitiko Grape Cluster
Known locally as the Blood of Hercules (because his blood was shed when he killed the Nemean lion) Agiorgitiko (prounounced ah-yor-yee-ti-ko) has been produced for over 2,500 years. Nothing lasts that long unless it's pretty darned delicious!
Don't settle for ordinary when you can choose spectacular.
Look no further for your next delectable, everyday, extreme value-for-money red wine which we absolutely adore. Your first sip will provide instant gratification and delight. No decanting or airing required. Just some good company.
After quantity discount, this wine sells for under $10/bottle, so you can invite all your friends and neighbors over for an afternoon drink and not overstimulate your wallet.
Quality doesn't have to be expensive. Or mundane.
This is the kind of wine which sets tongues wagging. It's so off-the-radar it will make you seem like an instant Wine Insider to everyone else. Just don't reveal the price and you'll look like a superstar. A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
All the time we spend researching and tasting wine every day is with the sole goal of discovering gems to offer you (and, of course, drink ourselves!). Nine out of ten wine samples are spilled down the sink because they simply don't meet our demanding standards. What that means for you is sheer magic. You can take the guesswork out of wine buying.
We're not known as Cape Cod's Most Trusted Wine Merchant for nothing.

Domaine Skouras Red Blend 2010

Domaine Skouras Red Blend 2008

Skouras Red Blend 2010 is a nice introduction to the fantastic red wines of Greece (especially for its ultra reasonable price). This one is 95% Agiorgitiko and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. As you would expect, this wine sees no oak. Instead it opts for ripeness and freshness, with medium body and low tannins.
George Skouras, Winemaker
George Skouras, Winemaker
On the nose it's vivid and intense with aromas of black cherries and blackberries with hints of plums, violets, and dried herbs. On the palate, it has lovely fruit flavors of raspberries, cherries, and sweet spices with smooth, soft, silky tannins.
This fun wine pairs well with lamb, burgers, and sharp cheeses. Or just drink it on its own. This wine is so soft and silky it really doesn't need any company to display its beauty.
Skouras Vineyards, Greece
Skouras Vineyards, Greece
We sampled this wine on Thursday and we immediately purchased every case remaining in the state. While we would love to stock this wine year round, we cannot. There was not much of it to purchase. We recommend you act quickly because we don't think it will last for very long at this fantastic price.
$11.99/bottle every day or $115.10/12 pack case ($9.59/bottle) or just $9.59/bottle in a mixed case of wine.
Skouras Red Blend is a smart choice.

Your partners in value,

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